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Skin treatment generally refers to any means of managing common skin related problems such as sensitive, dry, oily, combination, scaly skin, red spots, skin moles and so on. The treatments fluctuate regarding the issues you are experiencing in light of the fact that various fixings and components are needed to tackle them.



Hair treatments generally refer to any means of managing typical Hair related problems such as hair fall, dryness, alopecia, lice, dandruff, frizzy Hair, thinning Hair, and so on. The treatments vary in terms of the problem you are suffering from because different ingredients and elements must be tackled.


Cosmetics & Laser Treatment

An intense beam of light is used for unwanted hair removal of body parts. Various skin treatments like pimples, pigmentation, wrinkles, tattoo removal, skin rejuvenation are treated at AHM.



Dietitians provide nutrition information and support people to improve their health. Dietitians can change diets to help manage conditions like weight loss/gain, lifestyle disorders like diabetes, B.P., uric acid, cholesterol etc.



Slimming is the process in which with the help of various instruments, we shape and firm up your body & remove unwanted fat from the boy parts such as tummy, thighs, arms, etc.



Homeopathy is a useful scientific method of medicine. An elective way to deal with medication depends on the belief that natural substances, arranged too and utilized often in minimal quantities, reestablish health. These convictions should cause a healthy person similar symptoms being treated in the patient for a viable solution.

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