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Greeting to all!
I welcome all the visitors to the official Website of the AHM clinic.

AHM commits to the delivery of excellent patient care. We perceive the need to offer top-notch services to benefit present and future patients with abnormalities and infections of the skin. Every team member works towards building patient care services and examinations that are important for the results. We provide top-notch clinical and surgical dermatologic, homeopathic, and diet services for various diseases and abnormalities inside its outpatient facility.

At AHM, we provide an absolute solution for every one of our patients and clients, whether it's that youthful look you want or if aging smoothly is your thing; we provide customized – permanent solutions and professional guidance at par with the latest global standards with "zero side effect" theory.

We come ahead with a holistic approach to deal with the patients with customized Homeopathic Treatment that serves to be better than the traditional medications.

- Dr. Bhavik Parikh

Use of World-Class Leading Technologies

AHM believes in using the most recent innovation from worldwide leaders in skincare to stay up to date with international preparing. Unlimited admittance to break-through research and advancements, data and innovation, and the consistent progression of clinical and stylish expertise is empowered at AHM Clinic, Surat. Dr Ankita Parekh and the team firmly focus on the diktat – Better the information and innovation accomplice, better the nature of skin treatment and post-recovery.

Quality – A Focus

Our key values centre around – Best practices in pre and post-treatment customer care, greatness in pain management, highest expectations in skincare hygiene and least post-treatment downtime for clients.
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