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Disposing of excess fat is a significant factor in accomplishing a thin and toned body. However, fat loss turns out to be more troublesome than any other time in light of labor, occupied and unhealthy lifestyle, undesirable eating regimen, etc.

Description And Symptoms

At AHM, we use Radio Frequency innovation to convey deep effect into the tissues, accelerate the digestion, dispose of toxins; therefore, lessen excess fat viably without infusion or plastic surgery. This slimming treatment is ideal for those clients with the overall healthy body yet needs to dispose of stubborn, excess fat in certain pain parts that they can't lose with traditional methods.

The word slimming infers the act or process of having oneself gain fitting weight. Slimming can happen because of mental conditions, for example, stress, worms in the stomach or absence of protein amalgamation. With the advent of fast-food chains in practically all countries, the use of fast-food has expanded among teenagers and grown-ups. There are specific sorts of nourishments that are viewed as inconvenient to a person's health. This is a direct result of fewer measures of Trans-fats and saturated fats, alongside fewer measures of sodium and sugar, which may bring about an expansion in an unusual weight reduction of a person.

The treatment can be performed by a Nutritional Therapist ordinarily as there are no medical procedures required here. At first, the consultation must be done and afterwards, the therapist may recommend changes accordingly. At first, the adjustments in food preferences and nutrient intakes must be made to enhance the digestion and improve personal satisfaction and prosperity. To do as such, a nitty-gritty appraisal concerning what your body needs to put on weight and the reasons behind the weight loss; post evaluation, the recommendations are given.


  • Reducing local fat and contracting fat cells
  • Reducing cellulite and improving skin flexibility
  • Enhancing digestion
  • Detoxifying the cells and accelerating the body's waste end measure
  • Encouraging the body's common collagen and elastin creation

Effects/ Causes

  • The upper and lower abdomen: The treatment works for both subcutaneous fat and instinctive fat. It likewise tightens loose skin in the stomach region because of pregnancy or outrageous weight reduction.
  • The upper thighs and the rear of the thighs: The treatment works for subcutaneous fat and cellulite, typically found in women.
  • The back and the hips, the love-handles: The treatment works for subcutaneous fat because of the absence of activity or sitting for an extensive-time period.
  • Underarm fat and loose skin under the arms.