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Your hair endures a great deal. From sizzling heat to chemical treatments, you put your hair through a lot. In this way, it should not shock anyone when it begins to give indications of damage.

Description And Symptoms

Brittle hair is a combination of dryness, bluntness, split ends and frizzing. Like dry skin, dry hair has a wide range of levels from mellow to extreme and a wide scope of causes, too. Understanding what makes your hair dry and brittle is a large portion of the fight.

Dry hair creates when your hair doesn't get or hold enough moisture. This diminishes its sheen and can cause it to seem frizzy and dull. It can influence people of all ages, yet you're bound to create it as you get older. When your hair is dry, the external layer separates, making it seem dull and undesirable.



Effects/ Causes

Various factors can prompt dry hair, rough and brittle hair including ecological conditions, hair care habits and your physical wellbeing.

A portion of the ecological conditions include:

  • living in a dry, hot atmosphere
  • spending a ton of time in the sun or wind
  • frequently swimming in chlorinated or pungent water
  • washing your hair frequently
  • using cruel shampoos, conditioners or styling products
  • dying or artificially treating your hair
  • blow-drying your hair often
  • using electric hair curling accessories, straighteners or curlers