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Vitiligo likewise known as 'leucoderma' is an immune system disease wherein the immune system of the body assaults the healthy cells and thusly begins influencing the body. The condition is described by white patches on the skin that creates because of melanocytes inside the skin. These are the cells that are answerable for the skin pigment-melanin; that provides the color to your skin. The white patches show up when the melanocytes vanish. The condition is additionally named as Vitiligo or Leucoderma or White Leprosy.

Description And Symptoms

The actual cause of vitiligo is unknown. There are various reasons and theories associated with the disease. Here is a list of few factors that might cause vitiligo.

To the extent, the symptoms of Leucoderma is concerned, the fundamental symptom is related with the development of white patches on the skin –normally in the regions that are generally exposed to daylight including arms, hands, lips, face, and others. However, the formation of white patches on the skin, there are extra symptoms also. These might incorporate the development of dark eyelashes, grey hair, grey beard, color loss of the mucosal membranes and loss of the shade of eyes' retina.



Effects/ Causes

  • Genetics
  • Chronic Contamination
  • Autoimmune Sickness
  • Alopecia Areata
  • Halo Nevus
  • Chemical Leucoderma
  • Chemical Exposure